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You Get a 30 Day Supply of Each of Slimple Trinity Diet's Powerful Diet Products. This Includes an Effective Appetite Suppressant, Daily Cleanse and an On-The-Go Diet Spray.

What is the Trintiy Diet™?

How It Works

The Trinity Diet™ focuses on restoring three key functions of your body that cause weight gain - Blood Circulation, Blood Sugar and Digestive Tract. Taking our supplements along with a small increase in your daily exercise and proper nutrition, may be able to help you achieve your desired weight and health goals.

Body Type Nutrition

Body Type Nutrition

Our bodies are not all the same. A diet that is specific to your body type may be able to help you lose weight and feel more energetic.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal Supplements

Our supplements contain highly nutritious plant extracts that were formulated to work together for weight loss and overall health.

Progressive Exercise

Most exercise plans fail because you overload your mind with too much change. Our approach is gradual increases over time.

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The Supplements

Our ingredients include highly concentrated plant extracts that have been chosen for their natural ability to counter the body's weight gain mechanisms. Each of our ingredients have undergone extensive clinical research showing revolutionary weight-loss and health benefits. Many of the ingredients are exclusive to the Trinity Diet™ supplements.

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  • Digestion:

    Weight loss and feeling good starts with your dietary tract. Our daily body cleanse contains all-natural ingredients that may help maintain regular bowel movements while gently flushing your system of undigested food and toxins.

  • Circulation:

    Healthy blood circulation is necesary for keeping the body functioning at a level that will support weight loss. Your metabolism and energy level are also directly dependent on good blood flow.

  • Blood Sugar:

    Blood sugar dysfunction signals the body to store fat causing weight gain. Clincial research has shown that the all-natural ingredients in the Trinity Diet™ may help maintain steady blood sugar levels.

Part 2

Body Type Nutrition

Who you are should dictate what you eat. Your lifestyle, habits and body features are indicators of what foods work best for you. When you start eating right, your body runs better and feels better.

Body Type Diet Plan

Body Type Nutrition

Start working
with your body.

The types of foods you eat can have a huge impact on your digestion, circulation and blood sugar. Weight gain is not just from how much you eat, it is also about how your body functions based on what type of foods you are consuming.

Part 3

Progressive Exercise Plan

Trinity Diet progressive workouts focuses on cardio, calorie burn, strength and sculpting without a rigorous exercise commitment. This is accomplished by aligning your everyday routine with the exercise required for weight loss results.

Progressive Exercise Plan

The activities you do everyday count as exercise.

We are not asking you to join a gym. Our approach is to turn everyday activities into an exercise routine. Instead of walking the dog 10 blocks, start going 12 blocks. If you start doing this with all of your daily activites, you can increase exercise with what you are are already doing.

Trinity -
90 Day Challenge

We encourage you to challenge yourself to the Trinity 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge. If you are truly committed to meeting your weight loss goals, take advantage of a 90 day supply of the Trinity Diet herbal supplements for just $89.85. That is $89 off and you get free shipping.


From Annotto leaf extract

The tocotrieonals in the Trinity Diet™ supplements are extracted from the leaf of annatto plants. This beautiful South American plant has been used by local indigenous tribes for centuries, but only recently clinical studies of the plants tocotrienol molecule have revealed amazing health benefits.

The annotto leaf extract does not contain any tocopherals (found in most over the counter vitamin E). This is important as some research has indicated that the tocopherals may interrupt the benefits of the tocotrienols.

Tocotrienol Benefits


Your digestive tract is sensitive and can be adversely affected by even small amounts of stress. This causes your body to pull blood away from the digestive tract causing constipation and other serious conditions.

Tocotrienols have shown to coat and protect the digestive tract from the symptoms associated with stress.

Blood Sugar

High blood sugar can lead to metabolic syndrome causing your body to store fat. In addition to causing weight gain, there are many other health risks including diabeties and heart disease.

Tocotrienols have shown to normalize blood sugar and insulin sensitivity in clinical animal studies.


To lose weight you need healthy organs. Your body relies on good circulation to support digestion and regulate blood sugar.

Tocotrienols have shown to improve carotid vascular flow and may lower bad cholesterol. In addition, taking tocotrieonls for more than three months may help regulate your blood pressure.

Focus & Memory

Cognitive decline is caused by brain cell inflammation and oxidation, which occurs during regular brain cell activity.

Tocotrienols contain the most potent form of neuroprotective vitamin E. Animal studies have demonstrated increased cognition and protection from free-radical-induced brain cell death.


Founder & Personal Trainer

All-Natural Ingredients:

  • Annotto Leaf Extract

    This powerful extract is one of the best sources of tocotrienols on the planet. Research on tocotrienols from annotto extract have shown benefits for protect the brain, improve insulin sensitivity and help the body process fat.

    Annatto leaf extract is the only source of tocotrienols that does not have the tocopherols (found in most over the counter vitamin E) . This is significant because tocopherol may reduce the uptake of tocotrienols in the body, according to research.

    Balance Blood Sugar

    Because annatto has been associated with improved insulin sensitivity, it may help mediate blood sugar levels. One clinical study on rodents with type-2 diabetes showed that the compound’s anti-inflammatory properties kept blood sugar levels stable.

    Protect The Digestive Tract

    Tocotrienols may create a coating to protect the digestive tract from stress related complications.

    Improve Circulation & Blood Pressure

    Tocotrienols have shown to improve carotid vascular flow and may lower bad cholesterol. In addition, taking tocotrieonls for more than three months may help regulate your blood pressure.

    Focus & Memory

    Tocotrienols contain the most potent form of neuroprotective vitamin E. Animal studies have demonstrated increased cognition and protection from free-radical-induced brain cell death.

  • Coca Leaf Extract

    The extract in Slimple Trinity Diet is processed using a method, called decocanization, that carefully removes the alkaloids while retaining all of the active ingredients enabling it to be used legally. Some benefitial elements of this extract include flavionoids, triterpenoids, vitamin C, amino acids, carotenoids, vitamin B complex and essential oils.

    Supports Healthy Digestion

    Thanks to its bevy of vitamins and alkaloids, coca leaf extract can treat a variety of gastrointestinal ailments. Coca leaf extract tea has been known to alleviate upset stomach, excessive gas and irritable bowel syndrome.

    Superior Blood Glucose Regulation

    Coca leaf contains plenty of calcium, iron, riboflavin and vitamin A. These substances help your body to manage the relationship between insulin, glucose and glucagon. As such, coca leaf extract can potentially prevent the onset of diabetes.

    Steady Energy Throughout the Day

    Despite the fact that it's been decocainized, coca leaf extract still acts as a stimulant much like coffee. Users frequently report increased levels of energy, greater physical stamina and sharper mental focus.

    Boosts Immune System

    Like many other natural supplements on the market, decocainized coca leaf extract contains a slew of antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the blood, thereby improving the body's ability to fight off infections.

    Promote a Healthy Heart

    Due to its complex assortment of antioxidants and vitamins, coca leaf extract can actually have powerful effects on the heart. Use over an extended period of time has been shown to improve cardiovascular health.

  • Citrus Bioflavonoids

    When you consume natural bioflavonoids, the compounds may decrease oxidation, reduce inflammation, improve the condition of the blood vessels, optimize levels of insulin, lower blood pressure and enhance recovery. The beneficial alkaloids can also improve the absorption of vitamin C, and certain surveys have suggested that the compounds could effectively strengthen an individual's immune system.

    Enhancing Blood Flow

    Various reports have indicated that the bioflavonoids may substantially improve blood flow in small blood vessels, and the compounds can reduce the risk of varicose veins and alleviate chronic soreness that inefficient circulation could cause. The bioflavonoids also contain rutin, which is an antioxidant that may improve the flexibility of the blood vessels. Moreover, certain reviews have suggested that the bioflavonoids can enhance the level of blood that reaches the brain, so the compounds may improve memory, optimize critical thinking and reduce the effects of chronic fatigue.

    Balance Blood Sugar

    Generally, the natural substances can improve the effectiveness of insulin, so the compounds may cause numerous types of cells to efficiently utilize glucose. Furthermore, the substances could rapidly stimulate gluconeogenesis, and the bioflavonoids may substantially reduce diabetic retinopathy, which can affect an individual's eyesight.

    Decrease Inflammation

    The compounds may notably attenuate inflammation that could be associated with bacteria, and the natural substances may reduce the likelihood of autoimmune conditions. Additionally, the bioflavonoids could decrease levels of cytokines, so the compounds may eliminate soreness, mitigate swelling and reduce stiffness.

  • Guggul Gum Extract

    Derived from the sticky resin of the guggul tree, gugul gum extract has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. While it is best known for its anti-obesity bennefits, guggul gum extract can treat a wide range of ailments.

    Improved Blood Circulation

    Studies have demonstrated that regular guggul gum extract consumption can lower LDL cholesterol levels and raise HDL cholesterol concentrations. What's more, guggul gum extract can lessen the risk of blood clots by reducing the stickiness of platelets.

    Lower Blood Sugar Levels

    If you're in the early stages of diabetes, guggul gum can be effective at managing blood glucose. It works by retarding the shrinking of pancreatic cells. The end result is an increase in insulin secretion.

    Reduced Risk of Many Cancers

    When administered properly, guggul gum extract can slow the proliferation of cancer cells and even kill them entirely. Guggul can be an effective treatment for cancers of the esophagus, pancreas, prostate and colon to name just a few.

    Effective Acne Control

    People with oily skin that consume guggul gum extract can greatly reduce the frequency of serious acne outbreaks. In fact, guggul gum extract can be just as effective as tetracycline when it comes to treating acne.

    Joint Pain Alleviation

    Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, guggul gum can provide much-needed relief to people that suffer from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. By suppressing cytokine NF-κB activity, guggul gum extract reliably reduces inflammation in joints regardless of a person's age.

  • Maca Root

    Known as the “Super Food of the Andes”, it provides highly nutritious elements such as amino acids, minerals, sterols, fatty acids, vitamins, saponins, tannins, and carbohydrates that provide energy and combat fatigue, an important component to weight loss success.

    This botanical can augment energy, modulate various hormones, improve the functionality of the thyroid, enhance memory, reduce blood sugar and stimulate hair growth. The botanical also offers glucosinolates, which are natural compounds that can decrease inflammation and mitigate oxidation.

    Modulating Blood Sugar

    Maca can significantly reduce a customer's blood sugar if the person regularly consumes the herb, yet the botanical also helps the cells to effectively utilize glucose. By processing glucose, many types of cells can easily generate extra energy, and typically, glucose may improve critical thinking and enhance focus.

    Improving Blood Flow

    The herb may increase blood flow to numerous tissues, and consequently, the extract can reduce the effects of injuries, mitigate inflammation and decrease edema. Additionally, the botanical may protect the cardiovascular system by stimulating vasodilation.

    Improving Endurance and Strength

    Various reports have shown that the herb may notably enhance an individual's endurance and improve motivation. Many reviews also suggest that the extract could augment muscle mass, and the herb can boost the levels of numerous hormones when an individual is experiencing exhaustion. By optimizing the concentrations of various hormones, the botanical may substantially boost the density of the bones and increase the thickness of the hair.

    Stimulating the Thyroid

    When individuals experience hypothyroidism, the thyroid may produce lower levels of significant hormones, yet the concentration of thyrotropin could increase. According to one study, the herb substantially boosted the production of triiodothyronine, which is a hormone that could improve cognition. Moreover, the extract induced the release of extra thyroxine.

  • Casia Nomame

    This herb naturally grows is various regions of China, and the botanical can accelerate an individual's metabolism, stimulate weight loss, reduce constipation and improve energy. Additionally, the herb may reduce the symptoms of conditions that affect the digestive system, and the botanical could allow an individual's intestines to absorb extra nutrients. It also provides a thermogenic action on the metabolism. Thermogenesis Is the process whereby excess dietary calories are converted to heat rather than stored as fat.

    Constipation Relief

    In numerous countries, many farmers consume this herb in order to alleviate constipation. The local experts have not reported any side effects. Once a person starts to ingest the herb, the individual will generally notice the benefits within two days.

    Balance Blood Sugar and Reduces Fat

    Numerous reports have suggested that the botanical may effectively prevent the digestive system from absorbing large amounts of fat, and if an individual regularly consumes the extract, the herb could reduce the sizes of adipocytes by more than 35 percent. Moreover, the extract may decrease a person's blood sugar by enhancing the overall effectiveness of insulin.

    Improve Focus

    Various reviews have indicated that the herb can significantly boost energy. The botanical may improve motivation, enhance a person's well-being and reduce anxiety, and by improving blood flow, the extract may effectively optimize an individual's endurance.

    Reduce Swelling and Enhance the Functionality of the Kidneys

    The herb can substantially mitigate swelling in the kidneys, and many experts believe that the botanical helps the kidneys to eliminate various toxins. The extract may stimulate blood flow to the kidneys, so the herb could improve the resiliency of the cells and increase the levels of nutrients that reach the kidneys. The extract could also reduce the risk of kidney stones, which may cause chronic soreness.

  • Glycomacropeptide

    A form of highly purified peptides known as BCAA's (branched chain amino acids). These amino acids stimulate the body to produce a peptide known as choleckstokinin (chole-cysto-kinin) or CCK - the protein released after eating that gives a sense of satiety. It signals the brain that the body has consumed enough food and deactivates the hunger trigger creating a highly effective and natural appetite suppressant.

    Aid Digestion

    Glycomarcopeptide is a substance that can be extracted from cheese, and when an individual regularly consumes the natural compound, the ingredient may increase the levels of nutrients that the intestines absorb. The beneficial ingredient can also reduce discomfort, prevent chronic indigestion and decrease the symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

    Stimulate the Growth of Healthy Bacteria

    The compound may substantially increase the levels of beneficial bacteria within an individual's digestive system. The bacteria could swiftly break down various types of food, and consequently, the digestive system can effectively handle amino acids, vitamins, minerals and numerous additives.

    Balance Blood Sugar

    Glycomarcopeptide can allow the intestines to effectively handle significant amounts of glucose. Consequently, an individual's insulin may easily utilize the sugar and eliminate the extra glucose, and by decreasing blood sugar, the natural ingredient can improve the condition of the pancreas, minimize the effects of insulin resistance and decrease the risk of chronic numbness that diabetes can cause.

    Improving Energy and Utilizing Carbohydrates

    When a customer regularly consumes the compound, the digestive system can easily convert certain nutrients into adenosine triphosphate, which is an enzyme that produces energy. Moreover, the intestines may effectively ingest cyanocobalamin, and this vitamin can improve well-being, enhance focus and optimize an individual's memory.

    Numerous reports have shown that healthy bacteria could release enzymes that efficiently break down carbohydrates. Therefore, a customer's cells can use carbohydrates in order to generate energy, and the enzymes could notably stimulate an individual's metabolism.

  • Green Tea Extract

    When you consume green tea, the beneficial herb can reduce inflammation, increase energy, improve focus, enhance critical thinking and strengthen the immune system. Green tea also contains numerous types of antioxidants, and the extract could significantly reduce anxiety and decrease blood pressure.

    Lower Blood Pressure & Reduce Anxiety

    While green tea boosts an individual's energy, the herb can simultaneously alleviate anxiety because the botanical contains theanine. This amino acid effectively augments the levels of enzymes that naturally lower blood pressure, yet the compound can also stimulate the production of nitric oxide, which may significantly raise the level of oxygen that the blood contains. Although green tea lowers blood pressure, the herb could actually improve blood flow to the brain. Furthermore, the botanical can notably reduce the concentration of triglycerides within the blood vessels.

    Mitigates the Effects of Neural Inflammation

    By attenuating neural inflammation, green tea may substantially improve cognitive function, enhance a person's memory and boost an individual's reaction time. The herb contains significant levels of natural caffeine, so green tea can increase the production of norepinephrine and augment the effectiveness of dopamine. The herb also stimulates the release of adenosine triphosphate, and this enzyme naturally increases energy within the mitochondria of the cells. Moreover, green tea can significantly decrease the risk of dementia.

    Benefits of Catechins

    Green tea naturally contains substantial levels of catechins, which could tremendously reduce oxidation. Numerous studies have indicated that catechins may prevent damage that various toxins can cause, and the compounds could allow damaged tissue to effectively recover.

    Generally, catechins can notably enhance insulin sensitivity, and according to one report, green tea swiftly reduced the blood sugar of numerous subjects by at least 32 percent. Additionally, the herb decreased the risk of diabetes by more than 42 percent.

  • Chuchuhuas

    Chuchuhuasi is a natural herb that can effectively reduce soreness, decrease inflammation, enhance focus and mitigate the effects of anxiety. Various reports have also suggested that the compound may optimize blood flow, and the herb could significantly augment an individual's endurance.

    Improve Circulation

    The herb contains significant levels of antioxidants that can attenuate the effects of unnatural chemicals. Generally, antioxidants may improve the condition of the blood vessels by eliminating compounds that could weaken the blood vessels, and antioxidants can protect the soft tissues and reduce the risk of numerous medical conditions.

    Enhancing Focus and Improving the Condition of the Muscles

    When the botanical increases blood flow, the herb naturally augments the level of oxygen that the muscles receive, and consequently, the botanical could cause sore muscles to rapidly heal. Once extra oxygen reaches the central nervous system, the additional oxygen can also enhance critical thinking, improve memory, minimize the effects of neural inflammation and augment motivation.

    Decreasing Inflammation and Reducing Stiffness

    Numerous researchers believe that the botanical could reduce the levels of prostaglandins in an individual's blood, and these enzymes may exacerbate chronic inflammation. Therefore, the herb can effectively decrease stiffness and attenuate chronic swelling. Likewise, the botanical could improve the condition of the cartilage that the joints contain, and sometimes, the ingredient can reduce the effects of multiple injuries.

    Improving Libido

    Various surveys indicated that the herb may enhance libido, and the botanical has natural compounds that could modulate the levels of numerous hormones in the blood. Numerous researchers have suggested that the natural alkaloids can also stimulate the production of triiodothyronine, which is a natural hormone that may substantially increase energy.

  • Lotus Leaf Extract

    Lotus Leaf Extract is extracted from dried leaves of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. It is mainly used as a treatment of diseases such as heatstroke, diarrhea, vertigo and edema. There are many research reports about chemical ingredients of Lotus Leaves, which include alkaloids, flavonoids and tannins.

    Lotus leaf has become popular for lowering blood lipids and treating fatty liver and promotes blood circulation and lowers blood fats, for that purpose. The extract has been shown to boost the metabolism allowing it to burn fat more efficiently. It helps block fat conversion and cleanses the intestinal system. Lotus leaf also enjoys a unique ability to focus fat loss at body areas where fat is most likely to accumulate the most such as the belly and thighs. A pure herbal essence, lotus leaf promotes satiety and controls fat intake more effectively.

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