Complete Health
Complete Health

Improve Your Everyday Health

You will not only control your weight, but you will also promote heart health, liver function and increase energy.

Trinity Diet
Trinity Diet

Only $39.95 For All Three

Suppress your appetite, increase your energy, boost your mood and promote a healthy body.

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The Slimple Trinity Diet is more than just a weight-loss supplement. It is a health maintenance system developed to help you control weight, promote healthy body function and boost your mood. Clinical studies have suggested that the ingredients in the Slimple Trinity Diet may help with the following:[1]*

Weight Control

Suppresses Appetite, Burns Calories, Blocks Fat Absorption, Aids Digestion & Increases Metabolism.*

Women's Health

Prevents Signs of Aging, Aids Menstruation, Aids Menopause, May Decrease Bone Loss & Improves Skin.*

Complete Nutrition

Antioxidants, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Minerals, Essential Oils, Carbohydrates & Tocotrienols.*

Energy & Endurance

Boosts Energy, Boosts Endurance, Stimulate Respiratory System & Heal Muscles Faster After a Work-Out.*

Heart Health

Lower Cholesterol, Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease & Improve Artery Function.*

Body & Mind

Fight Mild Depression, Protect Brain Cells, Relieve Arthritis, Relieve Rheumatism & May Reduce Inflammation.*

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Slimple Products

The Slimple Trinity Diet is a break-through in every day health maintenance. You are getting three products that are designed to help you live healthy. The daily appetite suppressant will prevent over-eating by controlling hunger cravings through-out the day. The appetite suppressant spray will give you an extra boost to control your appetite in seconds. The daily cleanse removes harmful toxins and food build-up in your digestive system. All three products provide key nutrition for everyday health.*

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