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7 Perfect Snack Foods for Body Type 2

When you are exposed to excess heat through the hot sun, overwork, or even a spicy diet the body's temperature increases. This is when the body enters to a frustration, irritation, anger, skin rash, heartburn, and burning sensations.

So what is the type of foods should you eat to keep body type 2 cool? It would be best if you ate foods like coconuts, cucumbers, basmati rice, and leafy mix greens. Try to say no to salty, spicy, pungent, sour and fermented foods, all of which will aggravate body type two.

Get Started with these Snack Ideas and Recipes 

1. Avocado On Toast

Add your mashed avocado to your toast and enjoy a delicious, healthy snack!. Pick a delightful locally produced sourdough bread for your toast. Be sure it's a real sourdough, made with a sourdough starter and no yeast.

2. Artichoke Hearts

Artichokes hearts contain 4 grams of protein is a significant amount for a vegetable. Steamed some hearts for 20-25 minutes; this is simple and easy to do. Then enjoy a delicious, healthy snack and easy to digest.

3. Fresh Sweet Apricots

Fresh, sweet and juicy fruits are perfect for body type 2. Apricots contain many potent antioxidants and a good source of both vitamin C and vitamin A (from beta-carotene).

4. Fresh Figs

If you haven't tried fresh figs yet, you need to. Figs are delicious. Dense, sweet and juicy, these fruits are good for body type 2.

Figs are rich in vital minerals and Vitamins A, B1 and B2, potassium and manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and iron.

5. Melons

Melos are rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Melons have high water content almost 90 percent. This fruit should be eaten by themselves. If you combined with other foods, melons would not digest well in your body.

6. Coconut Fruit Salad

A 1-cup serving of shredded coconut provides 4 grams of dietary fiber and is a good source of iron and zinc. Grated coconut is delicious and perfect for body type 2. Make a quick fruit salad, with some local fruits, sprinkle with honey and toss with grated coconut.

7. Cilantro

Cilantro is a popular herb around the globe. This versatile herb is used in almost everything from guacamole and salsa to curries, noodle dishes, and chimichurri sauces. For a quick and healthy body type two appropriate snack, mix a handful of chopped cilantro into your hummus. You can eat it with sliced cucumbers and carrots.

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