Apps that Help You Stay Healthy

Apps that Help You Stay Healthy

Fitness Smart Phone AppWhat are the best smart phone apps for staying healthy?

Having a smartphone in the palm of your hand is arguably one of the most transformational advances in health care we have seen in recent years. These devices give us access to almost anything and everything; if your looking for a health app, there are more than 50,000 to chose from. If your looking to count calories, track your exercise, monitor your diabetes or cook healthy food, there are apps for all this and much more.

Now days there are even blood-pressure cuffs connected to a smartphone, sensors attached to phones that can collect myriad biological data, apps that monitor blood sugar, analyse sleep, measure pulse and respiratory rate.

Below are several of the best health apps. They're free and top ranked by people who use them.

1. MyFitnessPal

How it works: Enter basic information, such as your age, height, weight and activity level to determine your calorie needs. Set a goal to lose, maintain or gain weight. Log your foods and exercise to meet your goal.

2. MyPlate Calorie Tracker Lite

How it works: Track daily calorie, fat, carbohydrate and protein intake. You can also track the amount of calories you burn. Enter basic information to determine calorie needs. Log your foods and/or exercise to track your calories and nutrition.

3. Glucose Buddy

How it works: Log your blood sugar levels to track and control.

4. Fooducate

How it works: Scan barcodes or search products at the grocery store or at home and receive an instant grade (A through F).

5. Whole Foods Market Recipes

Weight Loss Smart Phone App

How it works: Search for healthy recipes. Enter three ingredients you have on hand, and it searches recipes with those ingredients.

6. Runkeeper

How it works: Tracks your exercise by using a GPS system. Track your walking, running and biking.

There are thousands of apps for all your health needs. Be sure to do research to see what works best for you.

Until next time, stay healthy!

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