Are Fitness Trackers Worth It?

It seems that every other person you see is wearing a fitness tracker around their wrists. Nike, Garmin, Fitbit, and Apple are just a few of the forces behind the activity trackers. The question is, are these fitness tools helping anyone lose weight?

Are Fitness Trackers Worth It?The Philosophy behind Activity Trackers

Fitness trackers are designed to tell you more about your activity – or, your lack of activity. While the models vary by exactly what stats they give you, the basic ones provide steps taken, an estimate of calories burned, and sleep quality. More upscale fitness trackers can tell you heart rate, the number of calories consumed, and more.

But, the question remains:

Do Activity Trackers Improve Fitness?

Well, common sense tells us that just putting it on your wrist isn’t going to change anything. So, it may be more about the type of user wearing it. If it is worn by a competitive person, for example, they are going to challenge themselves to take more steps each day to make their daily goal. It can become a bit of an addiction to some people.

Another type of person who activity trackers will likely do well for is the gadget enthusiast. This is the personal who wants the latest electronics and uses the Fitbit or another tracker to gather data with squeals of delight.

They will be jarred into reality when they realize they are not very active and, hopefully, propelled into efforts to make more movement. They will also find activity trackers are very convenient to wear on the wrist, rather than lugging around your phone just to use a fitness app on it!

Concluding Thoughts on Activity Trackers’ Effectiveness

The reality is that the individual is a big part of the equation and we are all unique. If the fitness tracker motivates you, great! It means you are taking a step, literally, toward a healthier you. Essentially, it comes down to making better choices about fitness.

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