Benefits of Changing Your Workout Routine

Mixing up your exercise routine can be helpful in many ways. Here are the top benefits of switching up your workouts:

Avoid a Plateau

Benefits of Changing Your Workout RoutineBy spicing up your workouts, you will keep them from becoming unproductive. If you do the same walk every time, eventually your body will hit a plateau. While you will still burn calories, you won’t optimize the results unless you add resistance or speed.

As you build up your muscles and endurance, your workout should also intensify. Try increasing weights, if you use them, or try a new workout move. Doing so will help you avoid hitting a slump and being tempted to quit.

Reduce Risk of Repetitive-Stress Injuries

If you keep doing the same movements repeatedly, then you are more likely to develop a repetitive-stress injury. This occurs because you are overusing the particular nerve, muscle, or tendon in your movement.

Thus, mixing up your workout routine will help keep a repetitive-stress injury away, which means you also will not have pain and other symptoms associated with the body damage.

Keep Things Exciting

Another benefit of changing your workout routine is that you stave off boredom. Growing tired of something means you are less likely to stick with it. Imagine, for example, that you do the same exercise every day. You are likely to get bored of it, and that elevates the risks of you giving up your exercise goals. Creating some excitement into your fitness regime can be as simple as varying the order of the exercises in your workout or adding in a different activity, such as yoga, on certain days.

When you change your workout routine, you are more likely to stick with it, dodge a plateau, and avoid a repetitive-stress injury. As a result, you will be happier and enjoy better health and fitness. 

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