Berries for Trimmin’ Up

Did you know that the best fruits for weight loss are typically berries? From blue berries for weight loss to acai berries, here is what you need to know as you pursue your goal to shed the pounds.

Health Benefits of Berries

Berries for Trimmin’ UpIn our discussion of berries, we’re not just talking about one health-related advantage. Instead, there are many, from revving up the metabolism to providing much-needed fiber. The best fruits for weight loss also contain a range of nutrients and are low calorie.

Blue Berries for Weight Loss

A blueberries diet is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, the berries have few calories yet are high in water, so they fill you up without requiring a high caloric intake, unlike some other foods. For example, there are about 30 calories in a half cup of blueberries, which is about the same amount as just a teaspoon of butter.

Also, blueberries have a lot of fiber, and fiber plays a key role in weight control. That half cup mentioned above will have about 4 grams of fiber in it. High fiber content is good because it slows down digestion, helping you feel fuller longer than foods with less fiber. Blue berries for weight loss is also a strategy to get behind because these particular berries may help fight belly fat.

Antioxidants and the Best Fruits for Weight Loss

The link between acai berries and weight loss has to do with berries being great sources of antioxidants, whether these berries are fresh, dried or frozen. A blueberries diet also provides super-healthy antioxidants, which are powerful compounds that help protect the body from disease and neutralize free radical damage.

As per research, even when study participants consume more antioxidants, regardless of the number of associated calories, they have thinner waistlines and less total body fat than those who eat more processed and fried foods. 

As you can see, the road to a thinner weight may be paved with berries. Whether it is acai berries for weight loss or another type of berry or fruit that you choose, we hope you will continue to incorporate the nutritional powerhouses into your diet!

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