Best Form of Exercise

What is the Best Form of Exercise?

Best Form of ExerciseThere are many kinds of fitness to include in your daily routine as a way to improve or maintain your health. The best form of exercise is different for you than others, however the foundation for good exercise for everyone starts with the following:

Cardiovascular Fitness

Also known as aerobic fitness, cardiovascular fitness is important as it focuses on muscle strength and longevity. A few examples of cardiovascular exercise are walking, running and rowing. To be classified as aerobic, your activity must be continuous, last at least 12 minutes, have an easy pace and use the muscles of the body’s lower half. This type of fitness will increase your breathing and heart rate to help you get through activities easier.

Anaerobic Exercise

Aerobic and anaerobic are not the same types of fitness. Anaerobic refers to the lack of oxygen in your body. An activity can go from aerobic to anaerobic if, for example, the heart rate goes above the training area for a length period. Stopping or starting an activity will likely be anaerobic, whether it be weight training or sprinting it is on of the best forms of exercise.

Muscle Longevity and Strength

In physical activity, muscle endurance and power refer to how long they can exert force without feeling tired. You can test this particular part of fitness by doing an exercise that only uses one of the body’s muscle groups, such as pushups. The number of pushups you can do in one session will give you insights into the longevity and strength of the muscle being worked by this specific activity. An example of an exercise to increase muscle strength is weightlifting.

Joint Motion

The flexibility of your joints refers to how much motion is in a particular joint; as with your muscles, different joints have varying amounts of flexibility. Flexibility is thought of as the range of motion that does not involve pain. One test is the sit-and-reach activity. Stretching is one way to increase joint flexibility.

Best Form of Exercise for You

As long as you incorporate the above list into your workout routine, you are on the right track. After your exercise foundation is under way, you can mix-it-up with any exercise that fits your lifestyle. At the end of the day, the best form of exercise for you depends on who you are.

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