5 Recipes for Body Type-200

5 Easy To Make Recipes For Those With Body Type T-200 Eating right for your body type is essential for anyone who wants to lose weight and indulge in ...
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The Housework Workout

While you may have started a great diet, eating well isn't usually the only thing you need to do in order to lose weight. Exercise and fitness are als...
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​Easy Ways To Boost Your Bland Fitness Food

​ With ѕо many nеw dіеt fаdѕ аnd supplements bеіng ѕhоvеd іn оur fасеѕ every day, it's no wоndеr реорlе аrе having a lоng tіmе losing thоѕе unwаntеd р...
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How To Increase Your Metabolism With HIIT Training

Metabolism ​ Boosting your metabolism is basic for all weight conscious people. Some people inherit some speedy metabolism and burn calories faster co...
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How to Know Which is Your Body Type?

Our Bodies ​We all have different bodies: some of us are tall or shorter while others are big boned or slim. Understanding your body classification or...
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