Count Calories to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be a true challenge. The two most common tips that people here regarding weight loss are diet and exercise. But what does dieting truly mean? And how do you remain consistent so that you achieve the desired results? That’s where calorie counting comes in. This is an easy way to hold yourself accountable and ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle. 

Why Calories Matter

Count Calories to Lose WeightOne of the questions many may ask is why should they count calories in the first place? Does it really matter how many calories are in that fast food or sugary drink? Well, the answer is yes. Because if you’re committed to losing weight, you need to know how many calories you’re consuming. Without this knowledge you can’t accurately adjust what you’re eating so that you can see results. You need to achieve what’s known as negative calories. This means reducing your calorie consumption in order to reflect what you’ll need to consume to reach your goal weight. You can easily find out how many calories are in your food via food labels and online calorie tracker tools.

Calorie Counting Misconceptions

There is so much information that people are consistently bombarded with on a daily basis that it’s increasingly difficult to distinguish truth from fallacy. It’s very important that you understand that dieting and calorie counting does not mean you need to starve yourself or even restrict all of your favorite foods. It’s to be informed of what you consume in order to adjust your eating habits to fit your goals.

As a final note, know that you cannot make any lasting changes if you are coming from a place of self-deprecation or self-hatred. This means that trying to change because you are unhappy with yourself will not gain you the results you want. It’s because of the love and self-respect that you have for yourself that you should pursue these changes. This will ensure that the changes stick and that you can truly live a happier, healthier life.

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