Creating a Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners

Marathon Plan for Beginners

Creating a Marathon Training Schedule for BeginersIf you are planning to enter a marathon (or a few of them), it’s time to figure out the training routine to get there. Here are tips for the running days of newbies, which comprise of a combination of short, middle-distance and long runs.

Varying the Lengths of Your Runs

A short or fast run is one type, while the other two are middle-distance and long-distance. Vary the days so that you are not doing all short runs or all long runs; a mix of all three types is ideal. Also, a good marathon training schedule for beginners will include a rest day immediately before and after the long runs. Aim for three runs per week.

A short run is about three or four miles. A middle-distance run will be longer than that, although it is shorter than a long run of about ten miles. These runs can occur outside or via a treadmill. If you must skip a run, make it a short or middle-distance one as the long runs are the most important of the three.

Other parts of the Training Schedule

In addition to these runs, cross training is advisable to include within a marathon training schedule for beginners. These activities work your body in different ways than running, whether you are raking leaves, shoveling snow, or biking.

Note that a rest day should not be replaced by cross training activities, and if you are not getting enough rest days, then you may face issues associated with overtraining, such as feeling tired. For the new marathon runner in training, we recommend only up to 20 miles a week.

Taking Proper Precautions as a Runner

Before beginning a marathon training schedule for beginners always consult with a medical professional. If, upon starting the routine, you feel pain during or after a run, immediately stop the training regime. Also, stay properly hydrated and nourished on long runs.

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