Drink Water and Lose Weight

Can a simple action such as drinking water aid weight loss? Yes, according to research on the human body, and here is why.

Burn More Calories

Drinking water to lose weight makes sense because it ups the number of calories you burn or your resting energy expenditure. When you drink 500ml water, your metabolic rate can increase by as much as 30 percent, within only about 10 minutes, and lasts about 30-40 minutes. That means you’ll be burning more calories over the next half hour versus if you didn’t drink water.

As per one study of overweight women, increasing water intake by a liter or 34 ounces each day over a 12-month period was found to increase weight loss by 2 kg or 4.4 pounds. Given that you are not making any other dietary changes, that improvement is interesting, isn’t it?

Water and Weight Loss: Reducing the Appetite

Water weight loss also works when you are drinking water before a meal. This phenomenon appears to be true for the most part with middle-aged and older adults.

When you drink water before sitting down to eat, you are essentially filling up your stomach. The liquid helps you feel full. In turn, you are less likely to consume as many calories as you might otherwise. The result is weight loss.

Simple Ways to Add More Water to Your Diet

If you are not sure how to drink water for weight loss, it can be easily done by just adding a cup of water a day. If you feel thirsty, the chances are good that you are already dehydrated. As per Riverside Health System, you can tell how much water you need to drink by looking at your urine; if it is dark yellow, then you need to drink more. A light color of yellow is ideal.

Drinking water every two hours is ideal. Another way to sneak water into your diet, given the connection between drinking water and weight loss, is to swap sugar-loaded juices or soft drinks for calorie-free water instead. You will be consuming fewer calories by making this latter change.

Also, certain fruits have a high water content, such as strawberries and watermelon. As you can see, drinking water for weight loss works, and it is not so difficult to incorporate more water into your lifestyle.

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