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Five Ways To Track Health Progress Without Using A Scale

The number on the weighing scale is a long way from your wellbeing. The number that you see on the scale is only one proportion of your health progress, and much of the time it doesn't even precisely mirror your health progress. This is the point at which the scale goes from accommodating to terrible, and prompts pressure and nervousness. Also, you miss imperative wellness developments that can't be communicated by your weight.

The disadvantage of using scale includes it doesn't distinguish among muscle weight and fat. Fortunately, you can quantify your wellbeing progress without the scale. Here are a couple of approaches to do that precisely:

Using A Measuring Tape:

As the scale shows the whole body weight, it is important to distinguish between muscle weight and fat. Hence, taking measurements with the measuring tape will help you to keep track better than just standing on the scale.

Maintaining A Diary:

When you are planning to get started to lose some weight, remember to maintain a diary in which you track your workouts. It is essential to keep yourself motivated throughout your weight loss journey. For instance, at the start, you may only do ten pushups at a time and get tired. After three months, you may see the progress that you can do 50 pushups at a time, and this is good to keep you motivated for the next few months.

Changed Lifestyle:

Planning for a weight loss and doing regular exercise, rather than standing on the scale every day or two, you can notice the change in your lifestyle. If you have lost some weight, you might feel lighter than before. You might see that its easy to climb stairs without a hard breath. You will feel more energetic in your day to day tasks. You might also notice that you can run around the house after your kids without being breathless.

Taking Progress Photos:

People love taking photos at every event in their lives, why not use this same technique and take some pictures when you are planning to lose some weight?. Take some pictures of your body front, side, and back. Do this every two to three weeks to see some changes. You will be surprised to see the physical change in those pictures. As we see ourselves regularly in the mirror, we can't judge the difference, but taking before and after pictures will help in motivating to continue.

Checking Clothes:

Tracking your weight loss progress can be pretty much easy when you pay attention to the minor details like the clothes you didn't wear because they were to tight and now gets on your body comfortably. Seeing this changes will motivate you further, and you won't depend on standing on the scale only to check your weight loss progress.

Don't focus only on checking your weight every few days at the scale. Follow the points above, and you can easily track your progress to get to your gold. You can easily feel the real happiness of losing weight, and this will be very empowering.

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