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Hair Issues and Tips for Body Type 3

​Body type 3 people are usually heavy, and they require more exercises than those belonging to other body types if they need to stay in their right shape. The skin of body type 3 people is smooth, moist and thick with some few wrinkles. Their complexion is pale, clear or fair and hair looks oily, wavy and thick. The teeth of these people are white, well-informed and strong. They have a low or moderate appetite and slow digestion. They usually crave for luxury foods and gourmet.

The hair is one category that body type 3 people beat others hands down. They usually have a type of hair that is seen in the shampoo commercials. Typically long, thick and strong. Not only that this hair type is nice, but it also tends to stay quiet for a long time even for a lifetime. Body type 3 people's hair strands also tend to grow fast. This kind of hair might become straighter as it grows with time, but it is mostly wavy to look.

Hair Problems Body Type 3 People Can Face 

​People with this body type 3 are generally lucky. They usually are not affected by problems that are related to their hair like those with other body types struggling with regular maintenance to avoid problems. Something better with them is that their hair doesn't even grey fast like others. They can only be affected by one problem, and that is of excessive oiliness.

What Triggers an Imbalance With Body Type 3 Hair 

​As we have known, body type 3 hair hardly needs maintenance. An individual can experience a clogged scalp if the body type gets too aggravated. The clogged scalp is usually oily and can result in some scalp infections. That is why people with body type 3 should do some regular maintenance to their hair.

What Body Type 3 Hair Need

​Body type 3 hair requires a balance of energy that usually controls growth in our bodies. Body type 3 hair can benefit from a message with either mustard or olive oil even though not much is needed to maintain its healthy state. The hair also tends to get too oily fast and hence it should be washed more often.

Food that is Suitable for Body Type 3 Hair 

Body type 3 people are advised to avoid dairy products at all costs. These people usually crave for salty, oily and sweet foods but then they need to avoid them as much as they can. They should try to stick to foods that are light so as the avoid being lead to fatigue and lethargy. They usually never crave for spicy foods, but then they are one of the types that they should consider since they can benefit them a lot. They should know the right kind of foods they should be eating to keep their hair healthy.

These are some information you should know about body type 3 hairs. Balancing the energy that controls body growth can significantly help in acquiring healthier hair. 

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