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The Housework Workout

While you may have started a great diet, eating well isn't usually the only thing you need to do in order to lose weight. Exercise and fitness are also key components to shedding pounds and developing the body that you want. However, amid the busy activities of the average day, you likely find that you don't have the energy or time to work out regularly. One of the best ways you can ensure you're still including a good dose of exercise into your everyday life is to transform daily chores into a home workout. This article will offer you a few ideas on how to do just that. 


First, let's focus on cardio. There is no greater way to improve your fitness and start defining your new shape than with cardio. It's also extremely easy to fit in your day. If you have a pet, for example, you can use the opportunity to involve some cardio into your life. Instead of just letting your dog wander around in the backyard, leash them up, and go take them on a walk. Not only will your dog love the change of venue and the chance to get some exercise, but you're right there getting exercise with them, too. Walking the dog--or cat!--can be a great way to get some power walking into your day.

You may also want to consider other exercises like biking, swimming, and even hiking. In regards to biking, perhaps you live close enough to the local store that you can do away with your car and just ride a bike over instead. You can easily hang the bags off of the bars of your bike and get a great workout to and from the store.

Burning Calories 

If you're feeling particularly motivated, then you should look to burn some calories. Usually, calories only start to burn after 10 minutes of exercise. Everything before then is just a warm-up. However, there are some activities that you can adopt that will add in a few opportunities to burn calories through your day.

The first is to take the stairs instead of an elevator or ramp. Either at your business or just walking around town, if you see a set of stairs, then take them. While this may not bet the most expedient forms of travel, it will get your heart pumping and burn up some of those calories before you even sit down to work.

At home, you can also include a few calorie-burning exercises with your chores. Vacuuming can actually be a great form of exercise. Instead of turning on your iRobot to run around the home vacuuming for you, take the time to push the vacuum around the house instead. You'll likely find that you've worked up a sweat in no time.

Finally, remove that riding lawn mower and go back to the push lawnmower. Pushing a heavy piece of equipment like a lawnmower under the hot sun is a fantastic way to burn calories. Not only will your lawn look great once you've finished mowing it, but you'll likely have burned up a large number of calories in the process.

The goal here each week is a simple half hour a day. For beginners, try to at least fit ten minutes of calorie burning exercises in your week.


One final exercise at home procedure that you should focus on is your strength. Once you start building muscle, you'll find that your skin will start to become more defined and show off those newly developed muscles. Other than hitting the gym, including strength training in your chores may seem impossible. That isn't the case.

For those who have children, you can easily use them for a home workout and have a great time playing with them. Lifting your children into the air and using them as a bench press is a fantastic way to develop some muscles while giving your children a thrill. Playing with your kids shouldn't be considered a chore, but either way, you can benefit from nurturing your bond with them and developing a good bulk of muscle in the process.

Another common chore that you have to perform in your home is dusting. Instead of just going table to table, however, why don't you add in some lunges and squats? From one area to the next, you can easily perform lunges and work on strengthening your legs. Squats can be done either during or after you've dusted a surface. Don't forget about lifting heavy objects in order to dust underneath them!

Working out can be difficult with limited time during the day. By following these tips, you can utilize performing chores by transforming them into an effective workout. 

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