How to Increase Your Metabolism

While there are several factors that come into play when it comes to the way a person looks or their level of fitness, two definite factors are diet and exercise. Although you have likely heard it before, having a fitness plan and a nutritious diet can make meeting your goals easier. The essential part of getting you healthier and fit is in your metabolism. By speeding it up, you can burn fat with less effort. So, what are natural ways to increase metabolism?

Increasing Your Metabolic Rate

How to Increase Your MetabolismGet Moving

A great way to speeding up the metabolism is to exercise regularly. There are countless types of activities, from jogging to dancing or swimming. Be sure to switch up your workout routine occasionally so that you do not hit a plateau.

Cardio Intervals

High-intensity cardio intervals are a great way to add some oomph to a short workout. As one of the ways to increase metabolism, the intervals encourage your body to burn more calories and work harder overall, even when you are no longer exercising.

One option is to do a high-intensity interval right at the start of the workout, such as sprinting. Alternatively, you might sprint for 60 seconds then jog for a while, then sprint for 60 seconds; the idea here is to alternate high-energy bursts of activity with restful periods.

Build Muscle

Here is another good reason to pump iron or increase your strength in other ways. When you do so, whether it is through yoga, free weights, or another strength-training exercise, you are taking steps to increase muscle mass. As a result, you boost your resting metabolism, which increases the number of calories your body burns. This is a great reason to make weight training a part of your fitness routine!

By learning ways to increase metabolism, you can get more from your workout, starting today!

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