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How To Increase Your Metabolism With HIIT Training


Boosting your metabolism is basic for all weight conscious people. Some people inherit some speedy metabolism and burn calories faster compared to people with a slower metabolism. Mostly, men burn more calories than ladies, even while resting. In addition, upon reaching 40, your metabolism slows steadily. Now, it may be impossible to control your gender, age, or genetics, on the other hand, High-Intensity Interval Training can do the magic and improve your metabolism.

How HIIT Training Works 

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a kind of interval training that lines up maximal effort periods and rest or light exercise periods. You could carry out short, high-intensity bout workouts, cut intensity considerably, followed by another short, high-intensity burst. This continues until you get too exhausted to carry on. Intense exercises can last less than 30 minutes but the number of times varies depending on your fitness level. Research shows that HIIT regimens are quite effective in reducing body fat mass and improving metabolism.

Doing HIIT training exercise is the best way to improve your metabolism. When working out, your body uses more calories. However, all forms of exercises are not equally effective in improving metabolism. Low moderate intensity workouts

increase calorie expenditure slowly, which stops very quickly immediately you stop exercising. This problem is addressed by high-intensity interval training. The high-intensity workout energetically upsets metabolism creating high-calorie utilization in your body. After this, metabolism slows gradually. The body goes on burning calories for a long time upon completing the exercise, something referred to as Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC.

EPOC or "afterburn" involves increased oxygen intake rate after strenuous activity. In recovery, oxygen is utilized to restore your body to some resting state, as well as adapt it to the intense workout just performed. It is used for balancing hormones, fuel stores replenishment, anabolism, innervation, and cellular repair. EPOC effects can last up to 36 hours following the workout session so, unlike other exercises that are beneficial during the limited workout time, HIIT is effective for a day and a half.

HIIT is not limited to burning down calories but also in reducing your fat mass. People using High-Intensity Interval Training enjoy more health benefits compared to those who are not. They get to improve their metabolism, their bodies burn calories for a long time, and their fat mass is reduced a great deal. Certainly, you need to consider HIIT in every workout routine.

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