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How To Make Daily Activities Count When It Comes To Burning Extra Calories?

The number of calories burned with daily activities can be of high importance when it comes to your physical fitness and overall health well-being. You find that regular chores increase your energy levels, which is one of the most effective and quickest ways when it comes to burning calories and sustaining weight loss goals. Whether you choose to buy this point or not, you can lose a significant number of calories by incorporating daily activities into your life.

As long as your daily activities don't involve just sitting on the couch chatting on the phone or watching TV, you should start burning those extra calories every day. In a matter of facts, calories burned in daily activities that span in an hour's time can be as many as possible as like those you would burn during an hour of riding a bicycle leisurely or walking. In this piece, we are going to highlight how moving household items can help to burn some extra calories.

Moving Your Household Items 

Moving your household items such as boxes, laundry baskets, and other stuff requires energy something that will make you break a sweat. For example, laundry baskets and boxes are relatively heavy, as such you will need to do much lifting. So, the next time you are doing laundry lift the buckets as you walk and put them down in the laundry room to exercise your body more. Also, when reorganizing your house ensure you are lifting boxes and other heavy stuff as you walk to flex your muscles and burn some extra calories.

According to statistics, you can burn about 200 calories moving your household items and approximately 600 calories when moving them upstairs.

Make it Fun And Interesting

Well, you should ensure to make this chore fun and exciting by incorporating some ideas. For example, you can crank up the music box and dance to the tune around as you move items from one room to the other. The bottom line is that calories burned with daily activities can help you to achieve a sleeker, slimmer body and you will have an organized and super clean house in the end.

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