How to Tighten Loose Skin on Arms Naturally

After losing a lot of weight, a common concern is that the stretched skin left behind is saggy and unappealing, particularly on the upper arms. If you’re facing this issue, here are some tips for toning loose skin on the arms that don’t involve surgery.

Dips to Work Those Triceps

How to Tighten Loose Skin on Arms NaturallySay goodbye to the extra flab on the back of your arms by doing triceps dips. All it requires is a chair. Face away from the chair, a few feet in front of it, with your feet a little bit apart.

Reach back with your hands and put them on the chair’s seat, with your fingers toward you. With your legs remaining straight, bend your arms behind you, lowering your body until your butt is almost at the floor. Slowly raise yourself up until your arms fully extended. Do it again. Toning loose skin? Yes, you are!

Weighted Bicep Curls

Grab your set of dumbbells, taking one in each hand, and get into a standing position, with your feet about shoulder width apart. Put your hands at your sides, with your palms facing down the whole time.

Now, with your right arm straight, keep it in front of you close to your left hip. Raise your arm in front of you (keep it straight) and then diagonally sweep it across the body until it is above your right shoulder. Repeat for the left side next as you work to lose upper-arm flab.

Try These Special Push-Ups

Toning loose skin on your arms by doing a modified version of the push-up that you’ve known about since childhood. This twist on the regular exercise focuses more on the arms. Start face down, putting your weight on your hands and knees.

Push up with your arms until they are completely extended without locking and maintain a straight back at all times. Lower your body down, slowly, until you’re almost touching the floor. Do sets of 10-15 of these push-ups.

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