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Kick Your Sugar Cravings to the Curb!

Sugar cravings are a significant threat to our waistline and trusting our willpower. Most of us give in to these cravings after we have planned out a long diet and maybe even succeeded for a few days, but it's not all our fault, Sugar cravings are far more complex than just making the decision of giving into them or choosing otherwise.

First, we need to understand where they originate and why there are a few factors each individual must consider before adjusting habits and nutrition:

OUR BRAIN plays a vital role in crave susceptibility, and it allows you to remember the taste of sweets and form new and old habits as well as reward pursuing conduct; The taste or the thought of the sweet boosts dopamine levels on our brain and this causes great pleasure every time.

OUR DIET can be made up of foods that trigger the yearning for sugars. The main reason is that sugar is a simple carbohydrate and it enters the blood cells faster than other foods containing nutrients like fiber, protein or fats and our body will be left longing for more sweets faster.

LACK OF SLEEP STRESS AND DEPRESSION have also been found to be directly related to sugar cravings since it decreases brain functioning and increases the levels of cortisol causing our body to want more and more sugar.

So, it's not all our fault; it's a brain composition response we are not responsible for but then how do we solve this issue?

Simple tweaks in our diet can curb sugar cravings and prevent spikes freeing you from this psychological trap and setting realistic expectations even when they are always in the back of your mind.

-Eat a protein and complex carb-rich breakfast within 1 hour from waking up because blood sugar levels are at the lowest since you have fasted all night.

-Incorporate sweet vegetables in your diet such as sweet potato, carrots, and butternut squash.

-Get enough sleep to increase the Ghrelin hormone.

-Start a new healthy habit when the craving hits.

-Find serotonin from green tea, eggs or cheese.

-Increase your exercise routine.

-Be aware of your emotions when cravings kick in.

-Read food labels.

-Mix up all the strategies to find out a tailored one to your needs. Not everyone gets the same craving at the same time. 

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