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​Popular Stretching Exercises to Lengthen Muscles

There is a need for people to learn how to lose weight, improve muscle functioning and performance and also, lengthen their muscles. Stretching exercises are mainly meant to help lengthen body muscles. The other benefit of these exercises have is that they increase the mobility of joints, improve body flexibility, they increase the range and posture of joints and limbs, brings about increased blood circulation in the body and many more.

Stretching workout routine should be included in your daily routine to make your body more flexible and lead an active life. Any stress that is put on your muscles and joints because of your daily routine is also relieved. Here are some stretching exercises that you can perform in order to help lengthen your muscles;

Hanging Stretch

​This type of exercise provides a relaxing stretch. In this exercise stretching of body and spine is done using the weight of the body. It is a simple an easy exercise to perform. To do this, you need to grasp chin-up bar and hang from it simply. Stay on this position for about ten to fifteen seconds before letting go. Now relax.

Inner Thigh Stretch 

​This relaxing exercise is known for not only stretching inner thighs but also opens out hips, making them flexible. For this sit on a floor with legs bent at the knees such that your feet are in front of you and feet's sole/face are touching each other. Now bend forward and get hold of your toes with your hands and your arms resting on the thighs. Now, you should gently bring your feet as much closer to the groin, at the same time pressing elbows down to bring the knees as much closer to the floor as possible. Hold this position for ten to fifteen seconds before releasing and returning to original position.

Back Stretch 

This is an exercise technique that is taken from yoga. For this, a person lies down straight on the floor in a prone position. You then try to bend your knees so that your feet point to the ceiling. Now, you should lift your torso and head off the floor and grab your ankles using hands by reaching behind the head, pulling your legs up towards the head. Tilt your head as much possibly you can, at the same time lifting the chest as high up as possible from the floor. Try to stay at this position for about ten to twenty seconds before you return to your original position.

Remember that is important to stretch your body regularly to create flexible muscles. Also, you need to include a five- to ten-minute stretching session before and after each workout to target your worked muscles. Try to add to your routine one or three times a week yoga or pilates to further encourage muscle motion and flexibility. 

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