Relieving Sore Muscles after Workouts

The morning after a challenging workout, you may wake up feeling achy. Thankfully, there are ways to stop fitness-related muscle soreness that results from microscopic tears in the muscle tissue, without having to spend big bucks at the spa. Here is what to do immediately after your exercise session.

Stretch Stretch Stretch!

Relieving Sore Muscles after WorkoutsStretching

We cannot put enough emphasis on stretching as a way to prevent next-day soreness or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). For the upper body, great stretches include back pain, neck stretch, triceps stretch, and chest complex. Lower body stretches can include calf stretches, quadriceps stretches, and standing lunges.

Apply a Heat Pad

A heat pack or another heat source is a great idea for a few hours after a workout routine ends. The heat stimulates blood flow and loosens any sore muscles to accelerate the healing. Heating the muscles helps to prevent muscle tightening that turns into those pains you might otherwise feel the next day.

Take an Ice Bath

Cold baths can stop muscle soreness too. Before you start shivering at the thought of it, know that you only need take a 10-minute dip. Do so after the workout instead of curling up on the couch. It’s a better way to ward off those aches and pains that come after a workout.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Even bodybuilders experience sore muscles so do not let that achy feeling keep you from achieving your fitness goals. Instead, stop muscle soreness by using heat, stretch, ice baths or another helpful method for your body. Using foam rollers can be another great way to relax tired muscles.

Take it easy for a couple of days after the strenuous workout too, choosing some light walking or swimming that puts the recovering muscles into motion for some relief, without straining them even more. After all, it’s not worth risking an injury.

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