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Seaweed is the Underdog of Healthy Vegetables

When it comes to eating healthy, we often think about veggies, Earth grown veggies that is, but as it turns out, there are far more benefits from eating leafy veggies that grow in the nutrient-dense ocean. Seaweed contains more protein, iron, and calcium than regular vegetables, it's high in potassium and iodine and low in sodium.

This Superfood improves digestion, stimulates the immune system, helps remove excess body weight, and has a unique design that allows a good amount of minerals for proper nutritional nourishment.

The Most Common Seaweeds Are: 

Kelp: It's a brown in its pigment containing Fucoxanthin thought to aid in fat metabolism, in the form of powder it can be added to soups for thickening.

Nori: This kind is commonly consumed in the form of ¨sheets¨ in Sushi rolls, but it can easily substitute tortillas or bread; The most benefits are obtained in its raw form.

Dulse: Red in color, and chewy in texture, its flavor has been commonly described as ¨smokey¨, and in the form of powder, it can replace salt.

Wakame: The minerals in this plant are attributed to bone health. However, nowadays it is famous in fat burning diets because it contains Fucoxanthin improving the resistance of our cells to insulin and burn body fat by releasing a fat burning protein called thermogenin.

Geographical Reference:

​Being a weed that grows in the ocean has its downfalls, depending upon the region it can be exposed to chemicals and radiation; Most brands have high safety standards, but the supplements are not required to have this control, so you must be careful when buying.


Is a type of carbohydrate found in brown seaweed, it had many benefits highlighting the use to control obesity and lowering body fat, because of the ability it has to absorb water is recommended as a natural appetite suppressant and increases the feeling of fullness, along with this fantastic benefit the sugar chain composition also slows down fat digestion because of an enzyme called lipase which breaks down fats into fatty acids.

Used periodically and in proper proportions Seaweed can be a Superfood that should be consumed in every household, especially the ones targeting weight loss, vitamin and mineral increments and immune system malnourishment being careful of overusing to prevent health issues such as hyperthyroidism.

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