Shrink Belly Fat with These 10 Foods

If you want a leaner body, particularly in the tummy area, altering your diet can help you get there. Wondering what to eat to lose belly fat? The top 10 belly fat burning foods are:

Oatmeal - With its high fiber content and whole grains, porridge is a great choice. Go for the slow-cooking oats rather than the processed variety.


Greek Yogurt - While most regular yogurts won’t cut belly fat, Greek yogurt is another story. The Greek kind has probiotics that help blast belly fat.


Avocados - One of the best fat burning fruits is avocados, thanks to the high fiber content and monounsaturated fats.

Beans - Often foods that burn belly fat are full of fiber and such is the case with beans. Great examples are black beans and navy beans.


Eggs - Nutrient-dense eggs have protein, which burns belly fat. Choose free range to get the most nutrients possible.


Broccoli - A must-eat food to cut belly fat is broccoli. It boosts your metabolism with its calcium and Vitamin C.


Nuts - Include almonds or other heart-healthy nuts in your diet too as a way to reduce a pot belly. When you want a snack, grab a handful of almonds.


Flax Seeds - As they are rich in soluble fibers, flax seeds are another of the top belly fat burning foods.


Brown Rice - Less abdominal obesity tends to be found in people who consume whole grains regularly, such as brown rice.


Berries - Blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries are fat burning fruits that are packed with fiber, which reduces the absorption of sugar. They also lower cravings.

Now you know what to eat to lose belly fat. Incorporating them into your diet can go a long way toward reducing stomach fat. If you are struggling with weight loss, in spite of trying your hardest, make an appointment with your doctor.

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