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Symptoms of Body Type 2 Imbalance

​Symptoms of body type 2 imbalance are likely to cause depleted digestion and lead to a decrease in body metabolism. Therefore, it is highly essential to understand the symptoms associated with body type 2 imbalances and how to prevent diseases related to the same.

The Mind 

Variation of the mental state, for example, irritability, judgment, impatience, jealousy, and criticism are associated with the increase of body type 2. Excess body type 2 is also associated with perfectionism or a feeling of being unsatisfied.

If body type 2 is left to accumulate without a regular checkup, it regularly causes hostility, severe anger, an obsession of compulsive behaviors, intense jealousy, and depression.

Skin, Blood, and Sweat

​Excessive body type 2 makes the skin turn yellowish or red in color where it could be hot to touch. You may also notice effects on the skin such as eczema, hives, rash, dermatitis or psoriasis. Excessive heat on the blood may cause hot flashes, fever, tendencies of bleeding, itching sensation or hematomas. Also, it may make an individual easily bruise their skin hence increasing the sun sensitivity. Acidic perspiration, excess sweating, and fleshy-smelling body odor are some other manifestations of body type 2.

Digestive Tract 

The early symptoms of the body type 2 imbalance on the alimentary canal mostly include excessive thirst, a kind of dissatisfaction and intense hunger. Continued accumulation of body type 2 in the body can also bring about vomiting, nausea, hiccups, heartburn, low blood sugar, acid reflux, loose stool and high sensitivity level to fried foods.

You will also, notice a yellowish coating on the tongue, fetid-smelling breath, sour smelling, greenish or yellowish feces, and a burning sensation upon removal. All these are associated with the body type 2 imbalance.

A body type 2 which have stayed for long on the digestive tract without being noticed is likely to cause heartburn or severe acid indigestion, esophagus or stomach inflammation, blood on the stool, peptic ulcers and appendicitis.

Other Symptoms of Body Type 2 Imbalance 

-Difficulties in Sleeping

This is another of the symptoms which are caused due to body type 2 imbalance. Although, sleeping problems could also be caused by the increase of the body type 1 Dosha.

-Appetite for Cold Drinks or Foods

Since the body is not able to regulate excess heat produced as a result of the body type 2 imbalance, it, therefore, develops an urge for cold drinks to suppress the heat. An individual with body type 2 imbalances loses tolerance to stay around the sun or get in contact with hot water for an extended period.

-Premature Gray Hair

Although baldness is associated with body tipy 1 imbalance, prematurely grey hair is a symptom of body type 2 imbalance.

Therefore, these are the various effects of body type 2 imbalance in the body. Whenever you notice any of the above symptoms of inequality, you should consult a doctor in the shortest time possible. 

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