Toning Those Abs with Exercise Ball Workouts

Ball exercises are one of the hottest trends in the fitness world for achieving toned abs. Now you can do an abs workout with ball by incorporating these moves.

Ball Crunch Ab Exercise with Ball

Begin by sitting on the exercise ball and roll it back, so you are lying on your lower back. Put your hands behind your ears.

Keep your knees at 90-degree angles. Roll up your body as though you are doing a sit-up and then lower yourself down. Do 15 repetitions in a row.

Side Crunch

This abdominal exercise with ball involves laying sideways on the ball with extended legs and feet apart to help balance your body. Lower the upper half of your body toward the ball and raise it.

As you lower yourself, contract your abs and breathe in; breathe out as you raise your body from the ball. After doing a set, repeat this ab workout with ball on the other side. Repeat for a set of 15.

Ball Bridge Ab Workout with Ball

Lie back on the ball as you did in the first abdominal exercise with ball that we described above, ensuring your knees are at 90-degree angles. Keeping your back straight, open your arms out at your sides for stability.

Roll a little to the right and then return to the center of the ball. Next, do the same action for the other side. Go from one side to the other in this exercise ball abs workout, for a total of 15 reps per side.

Vary the ball exercises from one day to the next so that you get a range of body motion and so you won’t grow tired of one particular ab exercise with ball. The full-body workout, when done regularly in combination with healthy eating, can help you tone up and slim down.

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