Walking for Weight Loss

10 Tips to Burn Calories While Walking for Weight Loss

Walking for Weight LossThe thought that walking contributes very little to losing weight is a common myth. The scientific fact is that there are many effective methods of walking that increase fat burn. Not only is walking for weight loss the most recommended activity for overweight men and women to start their journey, it’s also a task that anyone can do every day. Walking and weight loss go hand and hand when the right techniques are used.

"Fast-paced walking to lose weight is very effective when combined with healthy eating," according to the director of exercise physiology at the University of Virginia, Art Weltman, PhD. But let’s talk about weight loss and specific tips and techniques that you can use to make sure you’re walking to lose weight.

  1. Take a stroll: On off days or rest days, use strolling as a way to keep active without committing yourself to a tiring gym routine. Choose an easy route around the city and window-shop. You’ll burn about 240 calories.

  2. Power walk: Pure walking at it's highest intensity. Put on your jogging shoes and gym clothes, you'll be sweating and struggling to talk while walking at a pace of about 4 to 5 mph. You'll burn around 340 calories.

  3. Walk with your chin up: Looking up will help you keep a steady, longer stride and your neck will be correctly aligned with your spine.

  4. Swing your arms: Bending your elbows at 90 degrees and swinging your arms while keeping elbows near your torso increases upper-body strength and agility and can increase fat burn by 10%.

  5. Increase stride length: Taking longer strides will help you cover more ground and, consequently, lose more weight.

  6. Engage your core: Brace your core by engaging your abs. Pulling your belly toward your spine will enable good posture.

  7. Engage your glutes: Your leg muscles and glutes are some of the strongest muscle groups in your body and they are there to help thrust you forward. Keep them activated - tighten them - and you’re going to be walking faster and burning more calories.

  8. Add weights: Light hand weights or ankle weights increases walking intensity and adds a muscle building component to walking. Do all of the above together and you’ll be sweating faster than you can imagine.

  9. Go up and down hills: Walking up and down hills won’t only increase calorie burn by about 20%, it will also engage other, smaller muscles in your legs that you didn’t know you had.

  10. Go hike: Hiking is so fun that most people don’t realize how much effort they’re exerting and how many calories they’re burning. Walking off-road is a challenging exercise because it forces you to adjust to uneven terrain, gives you that unexpected lunge up a rock or step over a tree. You’ll be unintentionally burning 430 calories in an hour.

So now that you know that walking for weight loss is as valid an exercise as a gym routine, you can start exercising every day!

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