What is CrossFit?

You’ve likely heard of CrossFit, but do you know all that it entails? Let’s break down the athletic regime that was created by Greg Glassman to improve fitness and health. We’ll call this a CrossFit 101 guide.

CrossFit 101: What to Expect

What is CrossFit?A CrossFit routine involves a variety of different movements that all share one characteristic: they are done at a high intensity. The activities feature elements of many different sports, from running to rowing and gymnastics.

The basic idea is to do each of the movements with great intensity over a short period. The results are computed by work divided by time or by power. But there’s so much more to it, and we would be remiss not to explain in this CrossFit 101 guide.

When people come together for CrossFit, there is a sense of comradery that grows in this setting. Like with many sports and games, it is the feeling of togetherness, friendly competition, and fun of the movements that makes CrossFit so popular and keeps the participants motivated. Keeping scores and records during the program helps keep trainees going with the required high intensity.

Benefits of CrossFit

Here’s another detail for the CrossFit 101 vault. The intense activity covers almost a dozen of the recognized fitness domains, including flexibility, strength, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, agility, speed, power, and balance. In other words, your physical competency stands to grow in many ways with CrossFit!

Another huge benefit is that it is usable by everyone, from overweight youth to professional adult athletes, and all in-between. This is because the CrossFit program is scalable; it can be tweaked to each group who does it and ramped up as fitness levels strengthen.

Final Words about CrossFit101

As this introductory guide has shown you, CrossFit uses a group or team environment. Unlike the traditional gym, it does not depend on specialized machines. It revolves around effort and concern, with a focus on quality teachers that show trainees how to properly perform each movement in the CrossFit routine to avoid injury.



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