Workouts for a Chiseled Chest

Building up manly chest muscles does not have to be just a figment of your imagination. Reach the fitness goal by following these chest workouts for men at home.

Building and Defining Your Chest

Workouts for a Chiseled ChestChest Workouts 101: The Bench Press

Using heavy weights safely is a surefire way to a chiseled chest. You will want to bench your body-weight by 5x5, which means that you do the same weight for 5 reps of 5 sets and that you at least lift your weight. A 150-pound man, for example, would lift 150 pounds. This strategy is a great way to add size to the upper body.

Pushups for a Bigger Chest

While most chest workouts for men include pushups, which is great, guys often do the exercises wrong. Common mistakes include arms and legs that are too far apart and elbows sticking out. In addition, you need resistance.  Use a resistance band as you do pushups, within chest workouts at home.

Dumbbell Press

Invest in dumbbells to train your chest optimally. The dumbbell press works well for stretching your chest muscles on the downward motion. Be careful not to use as much weight as you did on the bench press to avoid any injury.

Additional Tips for Better Chest Workouts

Building a larger chest is about more than just the above-noted exercises, though. You will also want to increase how much you eat daily as you will never get that bigger chest, no matter how many chest workouts at home you do, if you are skinny. Try to eat every three hours and choose foods dense in calories.

Also, be sure to use proper form in chest workouts for men. If you are only doing partial pushups, you won’t get all of the benefits. With the bench press, lower down to the point that you touch your shirt and lock your elbows when you are at the top. If you can’t reach these highs and lows, the best solution is to lower the weight.

Lastly, stay cognizant that your chest won’t bulk up in a week. It is a slow process and it starts with building the correct foundation. Significant results come with time.

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