Exercise Routine


Trying to take on too much change at once can be overwhelming. The Trinity Diet Progressive Workout starts with a realistic goal that you add to when you feel comfortable. This allows for long term health benefits instead of a short term gym membership.

This approach allows you to turn you everyday activities into a core workout including cardio, calorie burn, strength and sculpting. Every week you can choose to add more time to your activities or continue with the same amount of time. Eventually you will work your way up to the recommended amount of exercise to stay fit.

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Make Your Own Plan

The chart below was developed to help you take your every day activities and turn them into an effective exercise routinge. Every week you will fill out the chart below. You can increase your workouts, or stay the same if you are not ready to increase.

Core Workouts

Turn your daily activities into an exercise routine.


  • Description: The type of cardio recommended in the Trinity Diet Plan™ consists of low-intesity activity at a steady-state for increasing durations overtime.
  • Workout Examples: Biking, walking, swimming, hiking, etc.
  • Goal: 45-60 minutes per week
  • Starting Point: 15+ minutes per week

Calorie Burn

  • Description: Calorie burn only starts to happen after about 10 minutes of steady exercise. Adding even a little more calorie burning activities to your day may have significant weight loss results.
  • Examples: Taking the stairs, vacuming, push mowing, etc.
  • Goal: 30 minutes per day
  • Starting Point: 10+ minutes per day


  • Description: Building strength starts with creating resistance against your muscles. You don't need to be a body builder. Adding strenght training will help your body replace fat with tone muscle.
  • Examples:  Lunges, step-ups, squats, push-ups, light weights, etc.
  • Goal: 40 minutes per week (2 twenty minute sessions)
  • Starting Point: 10 minutes per week


  • Description: Take a seat and get toning. We recomend doing your body sculpting on your down time. So grab your favorite seat, and start shaping your body.
  • Examples: Leg lifts, calf raises, gluteal squeezes, seated crunches, etc.
  • Goal: 50 minutes per week
  • Starting Goal: 10+ minutes per week
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